summer :: penang pt.3


Day 2 saw us venture into George Town, Penang’s capital city.


After a hectic crossing of the roads, and a picture-snapping short stop at a Chinese temple, we parted ways with my sister and grandparents. They returned to the hotel, and my parents and I took to the city.

The Chinese temple I have mentioned above is just magnificent. The detail on the pillars and the artwork on the door frames were stunning. And the red colour…just wow.

From there, the three of us ventured down the street, stopping at Maxim’s for a cake. An ode to my Gran, the birthday girl on the 26th July.


After Maxim’s, we strolled down the narrow streets, passing under the decorative arches and crossing the hectic roads.

The architecture is definitely my favourite part of Penang already, everywhere you turn there’s something new to admire, and a new pop of colour on the street. It’s a real fusion of cultures and religions, with mosques and temples being equally beautiful, and equally respected by all.

We visited a second temple, this time more on the road, and were able to go inside this time.


From the temple, we continued down a side-road, ending up in a residential area that we probably shouldn’t have ended up in. The terraces were colourful yet quiet, a juxtaposition if ever there was one.


We crossed the road at the junction where the police station sits, and found a street restaurant where we settled for a drink. It was a lovely little spot, and we were served by two excitable waitresses clearly happy to be practising their English.


Before heading back to the city centre, we came across China Town, and found a Bazaar and Chowrasta Market. The market had a café area, and a stall owner lead me over, with no choice, to his corner and began making a vegetarian noodle dish for me. In the end, my dad and I had a plate of noodles with tofu, potatoes and vegetables each – it only cos us 8 ringgits, that’s £1.60 for two plates!


We ventured to the shopping centre, Komtar, after the stroll, where we found Western shops fused with Eastern shops. It was interesting sitting alone next to the escalator waiting for los padres and getting lots of hellos from Malaysians, as well as waves and stares.

After Komtar, we caught the hotel shuttle bus back to Golden Sands, where we got ready for an evening of great food at the hotel’s restaurant: Sigi’s Bar & Grill.


More to come…






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