summer :: penang pt.2

The evening of our arrival day saw us taking to the beach favourite hang-out, Beach Cafe.

Greeted with smiles and fun, the owners made us feel at home at their shack and we chose our Chinese-style dishes.

Honestly, it was the best sweet n sour chicken I have ever had, and so it should be when it's her secret recipe!

We returned to the hotel after an exploration of the local night market, and got straight into bed.

What a wonderful start to the holiday!


Our first day on Penang Island is a glorious one.

I have been dying to wear the kaftan my parents bought for me for my birthday so our first full day, I couldn't resist.


An early wake-up call of a 7:30am alarm meant that we were down for breakfast at 8am; ready to savour the delights.

And what delights they were!

The buffet-style meant that we were able to try local breakfast cuisine fused with our homely favourites of hash browns and baked beans, and omelettes and both French and Viennese pastries took centre stage of the buffet.

Nasi Lemak, coconut rice, was my breakfast staple and is a true Malaysian breakfast food.

Here you can see what usually accompanies it:


We battle the 32°C heat, in the hope that will "soon acclimatise".

I walked along the beach to take in the cloudy humid air, and see just what Batu Ferringhi was known for. Below is an unedited picture of the beach.


The beach took us next-door to Rasa Sayang, The Shangri-La hotel that my grandparents stayed in.

It was just beautiful inside, with a rich interior in the lobby, and spectacular fountains in the gardens, located around the pool area.


Dinner-time was manic, but we had the opportunity to choose whatever we wanted from one of the stalls/shacks of Long Beach Cafe.

My choice is below, the "prawn set" from Teppan Yaki, a stall serving a variety of traditional tasty dishes.

After eating we parted ways with the grandparents, and the four of us wandered further up the market.

Ruth and I had our henna done by a lovely young local lady, who was so creative and artistic.

After henna, we wandered back to the hotel full of happiness and good food, and chilled out in the room, chatting about our plans for the week.

More to come…



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