beauty :: graphic

Beauty was always a side-line to my love of fashion until I undertook the role of Fashion & Beauty Editor of SCAN. It opened my eyes to talking about something just as, if not even more, artistic than fashion.  Ever since I was little, I always loved doing my eyeshadow and that still continues to […]

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life :: new beginnings

You could say that with finishing second year, life has slowed down. But in no way is that a reality. Despite summer beginning, and my 20th birthday passing (the Friday just gone Thursday eek!), I still find myself busy. But not “busy” busy, you know that kind of busy when you think you’re busy but […]

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love :: someone 

This post is being written at a time when I know there’s people in my world dealing with stuff. I hope my reflection on this topic will help someone and begin a healing process.  HEARTBREAK When heartbreak happens, it’s like being gutted with a knife like a fish. But, the thing to remember is you’re […]

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life :: an outgoing introvert

So it’s Wednesday, weekday boredom has already set in. This time last week, I found myself blogging in a lecture, while making notes for said lecture. Multi-tasking at its finest? Maybe. A friend from my church (Kings Church, Bolton) at home shared such a relatable article from ThoughtCatalog yesterday, and so I felt I had to […]

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life :: mother dearest

I feel like a soppy post is in order, and I want to dedicate it to the one person in my life who has held my hand through every moment. Mum. I know you’ll probably read this at some point, or when you get your email. But, this one is for you. I read this […]

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life :: the resistance 

I used to claim I was a feminist until I realised that being a Christian and a feminist didn’t quite a line. The word feminist has been overstretched to encompass those who want female domination, over its original tie to the equality of men and women. God designed the human race with two specific genders […]

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