life :: an outgoing introvert

So it’s Wednesday, weekday boredom has already set in. This time last week, I found myself blogging in a lecture, while making notes for said lecture. Multi-tasking at its finest? Maybe. A friend from my church (Kings Church, Bolton) at home shared such a relatable article from ThoughtCatalog yesterday, and so I felt I had to […]

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life :: the resistance 

I used to claim I was a feminist until I realised that being a Christian and a feminist didn’t quite a line. The word feminist has been overstretched to encompass those who want female domination, over its original tie to the equality of men and women. God designed the human race with two specific genders […]

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life :: pretty is useless

I DEDICATE THIS POST TO ANY GIRL WHO HAS EVER FELT UGLY, FAT, ASHAMED, WORTHLESS, USED, ABUSED, MISTREATED OR NOT APPRECIATED. “Be brainy, be inspiring. Pretty is useless.”   Time upon time I do not feel pretty. It’s common, isn’t it?  You put on your favourite outfit on a day that you’re feeling low and […]

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