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I used to claim I was a feminist until I realised that being a Christian and a feminist didn’t quite a line. The word feminist has been overstretched to encompass those who want female domination, over its original tie to the equality of men and women. God designed the human race with two specific genders in the beginning: man and woman. Believe what you want regarding other non-binary genders, which I have no problem with, but the world began with two.

I’ve been having this problem recently with being a woman. I mean, I’m only a young one, and only just learning what being one is all about. However, the gender imbalance seems to have switched from male-female to female-male. It is inspiring indeed to see my fellow females march for their rights and freedoms all across the world, as they did yesterday. But, what if our male counterparts did so too? I feel there would be uproar. Men supposedly don’t need a coming together, and shared ideology or belief that they too can be strong. But I feel that that is indeed what is lacking in the world.

Power is sought after by so many, and usually domination is the way it is achieved. It seems, at the moment, marching across the streets of the world is a step of domination, one that I wish i could be proud of yet I don’t feel so. Of course, for those who are for equality and feminism, then marching is a great step towards showing solidarity and companionship. I just don’t feel that it’s wholly being used as a force for good, and if not careful could escalate into a dominating march on cities and towns. 

I would much prefer a Human March than a solely Women’s March. You can find the mission and vision of it all here:

Anyway, I was thinking that as diverse as the human race is, in so many ways, the thing we struggle most with is the competition between genders. We just don’t seem to be able to work alongside for the greater good. My one prayer is that we achieve this one day. It is so important.

I have spent this morning ill in bed, and so this post has come about. I usually scroll through Pinterest on an early morning, pinning poems to my WORDS board, and fashion shots to FASHION. I follow on WordPress a poet and I wanted to share two of their poems today that I absolutely adore.

Firstly, ‘Hard Enough’:

A real man,
the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to,
is one who will respect her dignity,
who will honor her like the valuable treasures she is.
A real man will not
attempt to rip her precious pearl from its protective shell,
or persuade her with charm to give away
her treasure prematurely,
but he will wait patiently until she willingly gives him the prize of her heart.
A real man will cherish and care for that precious prize forever.

and secondly, ‘About Her’:

I would tell you that she is global warming.
She’s the one that completely
altered the
climate of my life
and like the people on this planet,
I’m not ready for her.

The last poem is particularly beautiful. Some men write about women in such a beautiful way, making us look like goddesses. Truly magical words of an artist meant to write.

I’m constantly seeking more and more threads of inspiration at the moment. I’m trying to write a novel, which means I need to read more; both classic literature and contemporary novels, to help me develop my own characters and storyline. Writing is a lot harder than it seems but I’m trying to write a little each day. Even if they are a few thoughts spilled onto my journal page in biro, it is still something to be developed into sentences.

For now that’s all I have, but I’ll be back with a new fashion post in a week or so.





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