life :: one. two. three. 

I’m feeling like you, my readers, know almost all there is to know about me, especially as I spill perhaps my most intimate thoughts all over Kulayrosas. 

But, I feel like I want to share with you the basics of myself and why I even started this blog in the first place. 


So as you may or may not know, I’m 19 and will be 20 in June, on the 29th to be exact. 

My name is Anna. Deep. 

Writing is my favourite thing to do. It’s the thing that excites me most, and calms me down. It’s been my saviour in terms of my anxiety and also allows me to express myself. I love it. Nothing will ever come between me and words. 

I’m a total language nerd. I’m on my way to being trilingual, but being a polyglot is the aim. 

Why Kulayrosas?

So firstly I’m going to start with a FAQ. My blog is name Kulayrosas for a few reasons…

Now, the first reason is actually pretty boring, and began with a Tumblr account. Oh the good old Tumblr blog days. Although, it’s still my no.1 go to for content and blog inspiration. So I needed a URL. It was like al0w-har for a while, but it didn’t feel very authentic to who I wanted to be at the time. Or, rather, how I wanted to present myself to the world. There was once this “theme” that people based what they would reblog posts to suit, called Rosy. So, this gal, google translated rosy into a randomnly chosen language (Filipino) and Kulayrosas was born. 

Plus, I probably should identify as an English rose since my hair is now ginger, and I’m superrrr pale. 

Thirdly, Kulayrosas is also a near-enough blend of the Spanish word for tulip: tulipán and roses: rosas. Near-enough…Hehe. 

Why a blog?

I was the grand old age of 16 when I started Kulayrosas. I had big dreams of being a journalist, with plans to one day wrote for British Vogue. Nothing has changed but I know I’ll have to work doubly hard to get there, since my connections to such a highbrow publication are non-existent. But. Time will tell. Who knows the plan for my life other than the big man upstairs? No one. 

The influences:

So no blogger is complete with her influences. 

  • Tiny Twisst began as my go to hair inspo but I love her blog just as much. Her Instagram is literally beautiful content and her YouTube videos are my go-tos when I’m in need of inspiration. 

  • 5inch and Up. Admittedly, I’ve not checked out her blog in a while, but it was the first blog I ever came across. What a good way to start. 

  • Vogue. Need I say more?

  • Company. Before said magazine seemed to die a death, it was my favourite. I still have the odd copy in my bedroom back at home, and I do truly miss it. They still operate online, it’s not the same. But, it’ll do. 

  • Kate La Vie. Her Instagram is a delight, and I love her blog. I just wish I could take photos like she does. To die for. And I’m so getting on of the HP printers she’s advertised. Need in ma lyf. 

  • Rupi Kaur. Probably stereotypical in this day an age. The established poet of our generation writes beautifully, and her work is enticing. Admittedly, I’ve never read Milk and Honey, but I will soon. And her TedX video is one to watch, if you haven’t seen it already.

So summed up, I’m a petite lil thing, with a lifelong desire to be a journalist and possibly work in fashion. I can be sassy, and completely mental, but I have the biggest heart and determined to make the world a happier place. 

My next post will undoubtedly be longer, but I’m already really excited for you to read it. 
Love for now, 


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