kulayrosas :: plans

Okay so my blog is doing really well at the moment, and my life is falling in to place nicely too. 

So I’ve decided to add another facet to Kulayrosas and begin making YouTube videos. I will always link to them in posts, and will post updates and new videos on social media. It would mean so much if you could support this venture as much as you’re able to, just like you’ve supported my writing for over 3 (!!!) years now. 

Today I’m going to be filming it and hopefully uploading to so keep your eyes peeled! 

After my exams have finished, I should have plenty of time to grow my YouTube channel efficiently, and my family trip to Malaysia in July/August will 100% be documented. 

But in other news, I’m working to turn Kulayrosas into a brand. There are various steps to me doing, and the main one: creating a product. 

So, you may have seen my Instagram/Facebook post asking for likes/an emoji comment if you genuinely read and enjoy my blog. Well, for those of you who did so, you’ll be receiving a free Kulayrosas box of goodies. Kulayrosas, as you can read in this post, means rose/pink/rosy so these boxes are going to be called RosyBox. 

From there on out, I’m going to be putting together a box of goddies every one-two months. I will of course be charging for these, but all profits will go back into Kulayrosas. And, my adventures in France. 

These adventures will also be documented on my YouTube channel, and I will hopefully have lots of gorgeous content for all my viewers to enjoy. 

But back to the boxes… So what will they contain? 

I’m thinking of putting together what I’ve been loving that month/two months. And I’m definitely going to put in some sugary goodness, because who doesn’t love a bit of that!

I also love these candles by Bloom Candles, they not only look super sweet but have fab recommendations and have been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. I can’t wait to try them out for myself, and then pop them into the boxes. 

With having my Forever Kulayrosas business too, I’m definitely going to be putting in my product of the month, or a sample of one. And you’ll get a cheeky business card and aloe vera factsheet too! 

I really hope y’all like this idea, and I’ll definitely do a YouTube video on what I’m giving away in the first free RosyBox. 

As I said, I will be charging per RosyBox, but this is dependent on 1. Interest, and 2. What goes into them. I’m hoping to keep it to around £15, which will hopefully include P&P. Let me know how that sounds, and if you’d be interested!

I’m off to make my YouTube video now, so here goes…


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