faith :: misconstrued

The morning after the Manchester bombing, I sat waiting to be taken home from my boyfriend’s, who left for work an hour ago. 

When I’m home, I take a shower. I thank the Lord for my safety, and my friends’ safety. 

Purse/All I Need Is You by Hillsomg Worship is playing while I’m in the shower. And grace comes over me, in abundance. Words of hope and truth. 

What was I told?

The bad things that happen in the world are NOT part of God’s plan. Do not blame him for them, or question why he does not stop them. 

All bad things come from the devil, and the evil forces that work against God’s power and God’s peace. 

It is through the power of the people, believers or not, along with the power of God that we can work to destroy the evil of the world. 

Private worship at a time like this is so necessary. Public worship and affirming faith and grace over others is also needed. We need to draw strength from one another. 

To those whose children have been lost to an act of terror, a disgrace to the world, I pray for understanding and calm. For moments of tranquility to settle in their heart, as they hold onto the hope that horrifying attacks such as these are stopped before they can occur again. 

To those rejoicing over this attack, and the others across France and the rest of the world, I am sickened. May you come to realise the gravity of your actions, and that they are only uniting people whether of God or not together. No way is your God ordering you to commit such acts. 

I would just like to share the words of a friend on Facebook:

“On Monday, terror waged a pitiful war on two of the things it fears the most. firstly, children- their angelic innocence, openness and innate preference for morality. their ability to radiate emotions in their purest form, and their beautiful, universal compassion. terror is the antithesis of such divine traits, and is the most demonic manifestation of immorality. 

Secondly, the arts- beauty, expression and freedom. arts symbolise tolerance, peace and the sincerity of passion. terror is shallow and born from evil and hate, and is therefore bereft of love and all that is good. terror seeks to suppress and maim expression. whilst melody is intrinsic to the human core, terror is the sum of all that is inhumane. there is no freedom in terror, it is nothing but enslavement to all the vices in man.

We cannot truly share in the grief of the families, friends and loved ones of those murdered or dismembered, but their hurt resonates within our hearts, and as long as the blood courses through our veins, we will mourn for our people and our children, united in our great city.”

When The Fight Calls by Hillsong Young & Free is a really poignant song at this time. Throw fear aside and sing out into the night. The world will cave, and the wars will rage but the Lord offers us a home to reside. 

We stand together. United. As one. 

Do not misconstrue the actions of the Lord, for the evil in this world will overcome us if you do. 


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