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Gosh, I publish one post on dating, and then 6 hours later I have more ideas. Four days later, I’m back in front of my laptop typing away. And now today I’m finalising the post, ready to be published.

So, here goes another post. I really should be revising, with exams only a week (make that 5 days) away… But, I can’t fight moments where poignant crop up into my life, as if they’ve finally just bloomed from the ground.

This post is also fueled by two articles from ThoughtCatalog, that I feel you really need to read…check them out here, and here. And, this is another important post you must read.


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“The best things in life are nearest: breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties in your hand, the path of God just before you.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

I wanted to begin with the above quote. I really feel like Stevenson’s words echo what I would like my words to get across: what is before us is usually what is best for us. By before, I meant in front, surrounding us; I don’t mean it temporally.


Being a better person is necessary for all walks of life. It helps when building relationships and friendships, and creates a strong foundation to build your life upon.

Being better in terms of love could be anything.


I really revel in in-the-moment things. I love when something crops up, and challenges me to be spontaneous. I’m lucky to have had unexpected things be thrown my way this week, and I’m holding on for dear life. It is so good to be so happy, and to feel you’re making someone else happy.


Now, as you may have read in a previous Love post, I am not one for waiting. I do not let life pass me by, and I do not sit around waiting for God to plonk a significant other in my life.

However, if you do begin conducting a search for love, remember not to settle for someone just because you want someone. Only give your time and your heart to someone on the same wavelength, with the qualities you were actually looking for in a partner, rather than the desired qualities that your friend always rambles on about when she’s had a few.

Don’t just settle for someone just because you don’t think you are worth real love. You are worth big, great love. Love that lifts you up when you are in pain. Love that challenges you to be a better person. Love that doesn’t ever give up on you. Your heart is a heart that is worth loving and adoring. So, don’t ever question what you do or not deserve.

The above is from this article – a pretty important read if you believe waiting is best.


In the Bible, we are told to fight the good fight…

Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hld tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have confessed so well before many witness.

1 Timothy 6:12

It is really important we do this. Not just as Christians, but as people, especially as a united collection of human souls.

By fighting the good fight, we fight for what is good and true in the world.

So when it comes to love, you’re going to want to fight for the good and true love, and fight against the wrong kind. If love begins to dwindle, and you’re prepared to fight for it, rather than give up and let go, then you need to equip your relationship with words of affirmation and love, and build it up again on the foundations you have spent time building with your partner.

You cannot force love, nor force someone to love you. And so, when it comes to fighting, you should only be fighting for love,  not to be loved. There is a massive dichotomy between the two, and you have to keep it in mind when times are tough.

Both partners have to see each other’s value, and then evaluate if you are both still on the same page. Neither of you should be an inconvenience to one another, and your love should always be multiplying, not dividing you to less than a decimal point away from destruction.

Read this from Lacey Ramburger for more.


I hope you get to experience a least one kind of love in life that makes you blossom. It comes at the right time, teaches you more about yourself than you could ever imagine, and remains there for you even after the relationship ends.

You are as delicate as a flower darling, and deserve to be treated with care, and respect, for you are beautiful and in bloom.




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