fashion :: peak

Okay, so I wanted to share with you the images, and outfits, that have peaked my interest of late.

Of course, there are so many. Too many to not share with you lol.


Now, I’m not a massive bag person. Obviously I love a good one on my arm. And being a girl, as bag is handy for all intensive purposes. Usually, it’s just me and my backpack trekking round Lancaster and uni. But recently, I’ve brought out good old Mikey, my beaut mustard Michael Kors bag that was a TK Max find. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag. I can even fit a water bottle in it, my charger, a small sketchbook and my glasses in their case. Fab.

Bag-wise, I’ve selected the following from my Pinterest board FASHION, that you guys will probably love just as much as me…


FASHION n clothes of beauty

I’m going to collate all the sportswear looks I pinned in another blog post, since there’s one: a lot, and two: I’ve a sportswear trend post in the pipeline anyway.

But for now, here’s some of the gorgeous looks I’ve been madly pinning over the past week. All have really sparked my interest and inspired me to be bolder with my fashion choices.



And as far as original goes, I give it to this girl for one: her jewellery choices, and two: posing with a baguette. #goals





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