music :: joe bonamassa

The usual: *I am not nor intend to look like a model* disclaimer. Saturday night will go down as one of my favourite nights of music so far. Let me fill you in… Part II of my birthday present was seeing Joe Bonamassa in Preston; I couldn’t have asked for a cooler present. Although, truth be […]

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fashion :: vogue 100 

Two weeks ago today, I was strolling up Mosley St. in Manchester, heading to the Northern Quarter. As I passed Manchester Art Gallery, I spotted something that made my heart leap. THE VOGUE 100 EXHIBITION WAS COMING TO MANCHESTER.  With my day made, I headed into the art gallery to have a general look around […]

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life :: birthday girl

So, on Wednesday I turned the grand old age of 19. I feel so much joy and gladness of starting a new year of my life afresh. My eighteenth year was a tough one but it feels so good to have let go of it. Recently I’ve felt a change in myself that I can’t […]

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life :: download

So while it’s still kinda fresh (and I finally am too after 5 days without a shower), I thought I’d tell you my highlights from Download Festival. It’s been over a week since I returned, but all the moments are still are the forefront of my mind. I even spotted someone in Lancaster town centre on […]

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life :: plan plan plan 

So now that I’ve sent an email to the students union at my uni (Lancaster, in case you didn’t already know), I feel a bit happier to go public with a dream I’ve had since before even starting university. I want to set up a fashion society.  Now, I’ve had lots of negative feedback from […]

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life :: achievement

Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien What you need to know before you read this is, I am sat in front of my laptop, clicking the keys to type this, with tears of joy streaming down my face. And stuffing my face with chocolate raisins. And I should be revising, or […]

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fashion :: the ASOS nineties

ASOS has to be my favourite. Whenever I’m asked for a recommendation, or asked where I buy my clothes from, I usually reply with them. There is just something about their clothes which are much more fashion forward, on a par with your high street stores like Topshop and Zara.  It would be mega crazy […]

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fashion :: barnardo’s bonanza

Wednesday was super lovely, could not have asked for a better day! The latter half I spent trundling around town, as I do quite a lot of the time, exploring. After a fair bit of window shopping, I impulsively stepped into the charity shop Barnardo’s on Penny Street, Lancaster. As soon I was in there, my […]

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hair :: flamingo

*Soundtrack for this post is Pink by Aerosmith* Have you ever had that moment where you’re like, I need a change.  I’m at that point. It’s crazy time in terms of the academic year, deadline after deadline, exam after exam. But despite all of this, my June is set to be possibly the best month […]

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forever :: commencement

So, it’s time for me to get started with my business now that my box of Forever products has arrived!!!  I cannot wait to try the products for myself, let alone share them with you guys! I hope you’ll love them as much as I’m sure I will.  Over the next few days, weeks and […]

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