fashion :: vogue 100 

Two weeks ago today, I was strolling up Mosley St. in Manchester, heading to the Northern Quarter. As I passed Manchester Art Gallery, I spotted something that made my heart leap. THE VOGUE 100 EXHIBITION WAS COMING TO MANCHESTER. 

With my day made, I headed into the art gallery to have a general look around and check out the dates of when the Vogue exhibition would arrive. 24th June. Perfect, I’d be able to go on my birthday. 

And that’s what I did. 

On Wednesday 29th, I turned 19. 

My beautiful friend from university (we both study French) came up from home to visit me for my birthday and I met her at Piccadilly. 

First we went to go get brunch. No trip to Manchester, let alone a birthday, is complete without a bit of Home Sweet Home. Sammy, my friend, had never been before and I love sharing good places to eat in the city with people. Safe to say she enjoyed it, look how happy she is!

Although I am trying to eat much more healthily, I couldn’t not have a milkshake – they’re wonderful! This was the “Kicker” (I think) and had espresso in! That kick of coffee was definitely needed. 

Food-wise, I had the veggie scrambler. Rather spicy and so delicious, my plate was potatoes piled with veggies like avocado and sundried tomatoes and then scrambled egg, chipotle sauce and jalapeños. Super delicious! But not for the faint-hearted. And you will be full for the rest of the day! 

After Home Sweet Home, we headed to the art gallery to browse the exhibition. 

First, we had a look at this exhibition of Boris Nzebo’s. It was pretty cool.

And then we headed upstairs to Vogue 100. 

Now we weren’t allowed to take photos of anything so I urge you to go to Manchester Art Gallery and check it out for yourself! It’s running until the 30th October (I think) so you’ve all summer to head into the city. 

Sammy did, however (although we got told off like naughty schoolchildren), take this photo for me. I just wanted one at least! It was worth the risk, and now I realise I need to ask someone else to help ombré my hair at the back next time (lol). 

I cannot express how much I enjoyed it. Original covers from 1916-2016 can be viewed, and I loved seeing the influence of photography and technology on the biggest magazine publication in the world. I adore the old illustrated covers, particularly the 1916 one and then the covers that are a bit more art-deco. 

Kate Moss is heavily featured, of course, and it’s wonderful to view her evolution through the eyes of Vogue. 

The exhibition, as it is entitled A Century of Style, has been separated into decades. You start off in the 2010’s, then move to the 2000’s, the 1990’s, etc. It is a great way to view how Vogue has evolved as, in particular, celebrity culture has; as well as photography techniques. 

I’m not going to say much more, other than go check it out for yourself!
On the way out of the exhibition, we had a bit of random fun in this sort of play area in the museum. Big kids. Why not. 

From there we had a little explore in Selfridges, and when asked by the Chanel assistant if we needed anything Sammy’s response was perfect: “We’re just dreaming.” I love her. We also oggled and stroked Mulberry bags. You know. As you do. 
It was such a lovely day, and I can’t thank Sammy enough for spending it with me!

I’ll share with you more of Vogue 100 when I return (multiple times) with a sketchbook. 



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