life :: birthday girl

So, on Wednesday I turned the grand old age of 19.

I feel so much joy and gladness of starting a new year of my life afresh. My eighteenth year was a tough one but it feels so good to have let go of it.

Recently I’ve felt a change in myself that I can’t really put into words. It’s like a calmness has swept over me and I’m no longer fearful. Things are starting to fall into place, particularly now that I’ve removed complications and obstacles that were acting as barriers of happiness.

I spent my birthday with the best people in my life, as usual (as I’m lucky to every year). I will discuss the day-time in a separate post, but for now, here’s a sneak peak into a prossecco-filled night.

Of course, prossecco’d me didn’t think to get a picture with all of my beautiful friends. Well done me.

Anyway, it was the best birthday since last year!!! Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family.

Lots and lots of love,


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