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So now that I’ve sent an email to the students union at my uni (Lancaster, in case you didn’t already know), I feel a bit happier to go public with a dream I’ve had since before even starting university.

I want to set up a fashion society. 

Now, I’ve had lots of negative feedback from a few nameless people who think all we would do is be “oh I’m a fashion blogger cos I bought this top”, “this is how to edit an Instagram photo”. No. I’m taking this seriously.

I have visions for a society that really interacts with the local businesses, high street shops and charities in Lancaster town centre, as well as inviting guest speakers (if we could get that lucky) to come to the university and hold talks for the society’s members. I want to discuss global issues surrounding fashion such as exploration; worker’s rights; equality and sexuality; fur etc etc. Then we can discuss blogging, magazines and what we bought last weekend.

I feel it’s really important that people see fashion as much more than a superficial, materialistic thing. Yes it is those two things, but it is a business. One of the biggest industries in the world. We wear clothes everyday people!!!! Someone has designed them, you’ve chosen to buy them and you put them on this morning – so for me, taking an interest in what we wear is like second nature to me.

There’s a mini rant for you…



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