hair :: flamingo

*Soundtrack for this post is Pink by Aerosmith*

Have you ever had that moment where you’re like, I need a change. 

I’m at that point.

It’s crazy time in terms of the academic year, deadline after deadline, exam after exam. But despite all of this, my June is set to be possibly the best month I’ve ever had. 

First up is Cherish Conference, hosted by Charlotte Gambill of LifeChurch. I cannot wait for this, like seriously cannot wait. I get to hear my all-time favourite female speaker, Lisa Bevere, and I’m just excited to worship God like mad in an arena full of women! Ain’t nothing better than girl power.

And then I have Download Festival. A complete contrast to the weekend before, I’ll be sleeping in a tent for 5 nights and watching some of the greatest rock bands to have graced the earth: Rammstein, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden (all headlining). Eek. 

And oh, I turn the grand old age of 19, and my its my friend’s hen party. Fun fun fun.

But yeah, a change. I’ve decided. I want pink hair. My mum is probably reading this and freaking out like mad – mum I love you and don’t worry it’s not going to be my whole hair. And it’s semi-permanent, and will wash out after 12 washes. No stress. 

I sound like I’ve already done it, I’ve not. But I did spend a good 20 minutes in Superdrug in Lancaster just know, debating whether to go Pink or Magenta. I decided Magenta looked much nicer on the packet, so we will see when it comes to it. 

For now, I need to lighten the ends of my hair again, just a little. And then I’ve bought a cheap pink chalk spray for £2.99 to test out the colour.

I thought I might as well embrace the craziness that is the third term of uni… Smiles all round. 


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