music :: joe bonamassa

The usual: *I am not nor intend to look like a model* disclaimer.

Saturday night will go down as one of my favourite nights of music so far. Let me fill you in…

Part II of my birthday present was seeing Joe Bonamassa in Preston; I couldn’t have asked for a cooler present. Although, truth be told…part I (Download Festival) was pretty sick.

My dad and I were slightly apprehensive for the gig as the venue had changed from Hoghton Tower (more of a festival/outdoorsy vibe as its kinda a castle, I have learned…) to the Guild Hall (perhaps a less distinguished and less atmospheric venue, but nevertheless, decent). Even Bonamassa himself commented on the venue change, sarcastically stating how he’d alwayssss wanted to play in Preston and so the venue just had to be changed – all in jest, I must add.

The crowd itself were a mix of young and old – not going to lie, it was cute seeing elderly couples bop along to blues rock with their arms round each other. As usual, I ended up in the position of hardly being able to see a thing (one: height problems, two: 6ft men, who don’t care about your existence, or the fact you also paid £60 and would like to see too). Nevertheless, I have been lucky enough to see Joe Bonamassa perform before. So I knew exactly what he looked like, his movements on stage, and what I can only describe as his epic guitar solos, all from memory.

This time round, Bonamassa wasn’t playing his own music, but instead works of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton.

“Let Me Love You Baby” of Jeff Beck was my highlight of the night; beautifully and effortlessly mastered.


Anyway, I could go on all day. But here’s what I wore for the night:

This tee is from Download 2014, and since I saw Joe there (and his name’s on the line-up on the back, I felt I must pay homage to the festival. It also happens to be the comfiest t-shirt I own.

These jeans do NOT photograph well but I adore them. My gran isn’t so keen on the rips, as expected, but I just like how relaxed they are.

Coined as a “shacket”, this Topshop piece is a wardrobe staple. It works with most things and is warm enough to wear as a coat, and can be dressed up or down. It also makes my blonde ends seem ever more blonde. Bleach life.

All I remember about this clutch bag is that it’s from TK Maxx, and that it was a bit of a bargain. It’s super shiny and I love pairing it with the following…

And lastly, my favourite pair of boots ever. I bought these grey suede boots in the Debenhams sale over Christmastime and I just love them so.



That’s all for now.



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