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{Now then stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!} 1 Samuel 12:16.

So yesterday I headed back to my second home i.e. Lancaster for a job interview. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the interview, but I could not not talk about my outfit and my day.

It’s been about two months since I’ve been in my home from home, although it only felt like a week had passed by. I was literally beaming walking down the hill from the station, the sun shining and the streets alive with people. I find it such a happy little place and I cannot wait to properly move back in a couple of weeks. I think it’s the one place I forget how small I actually am, although I do this constantly until I stand next to my beautiful and mostly tall friends.

Of course, me being me, I popped into Juicafe for a smoothie. I find it so chilled in there and so I sat in and did some prep for the interview. Sipping away a Tropical Twister, I made my notes and then tucked into one of these bars. I’ve only had one of these once before, but man they are good. Filling in the right way too.

Anyway, it’s definitely the place to go if you’re into that kind of stuff and are in Lancaster. And Tropical Twister is now up there with Straw-baby on my recommendations list.


I am totally in love with this jacket. I bought it in River Island when I popped down to London in February. Here I am back in Feb trying it on in store. Moody much.


Apologies for the mood I was clearly in in February, but you get the picture. Ha ha very funny. Probably only me who got that… Yep, never mind.

Looking back makes me wonder whether a dusty baby pink works with camouflage. I kinda like it; it’s slightly tacky but slightly perfect in my eyes. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t describe it as “perfect”.

Anywayyyyy, I’m going off track as usual. Back to the jacket.

I’d never really had the occasion to wear it between February and August, and within that time I’d been putting on weight and losing it, putting it on and losing it. It was not a time I look back fondly on. Regardless, I’ve now lost enough weight to wear the jacket comfortably. And I think it fits better now then it did when I first bought it!

The only photo I’ve edited is my selfie (as we all do) so at least for now you’re getting “the real thing”. AND I REALLY NEED TO REMEMBER TO BRUSH MY HAIR IN THE MORNING. I also must thank my amazing lil’ sis for taking these pictures outside in her PJs at 8:30am.


I’m really not one for all black. I always hold people who can pull it off with confidence in high esteem, wishing I could do it. But there’s something that just doesn’t sit right with me, I always need some form of colour. This post will explain in more depth! That’s why I’ve gone for colour in my accessories…

In the end I never wore my orange tartan scarf from Topshop, I stuffed it into my rucksack. But I can’t wait to wear it again now we’re beginning to hit August. I took it with me in case I was cold on the way back (I have a habit of going from really warm, to really cold) and although pink and orange clash, it’s a clash I’ve really grown to like.

These grey suede boots are my favourite, as you’d know if you’re a regular reader from this, this and this… I love how they picked out a colour in my scarf (if I’d worn it) and they just joined in with the soft pastel of my jacket.

And well this rucksack has begun to epitomise its owner. It’s always my go-to bag. So what if I look “student-y” with it on, I am a student??? I remember buying it in the Accessorise sale back in January, I think…*scrolls back through blog*. Anyway, it’s still surviving, I just pray it doesn’t give out on me this year.


Well that’s it for now. If you pray and are willing to pray for me to get this job that would be wonderful and so appreciated.




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