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So I finally got to see the girls again after a long two if not three months away from them. Long time right?!

We were off to Chiquito for a belated birthday meal for Rachel. I genuinely think it’s my favourite chain restaurant, never had a bad meal there and I recommend the ginger mojito, you won’t regret it darling.

I wasn’t surprisingly unstuck for what to wear. As soon as my bestie Amy text me asking, I replied straight away with “that checked dress over there”, sending her a snap of the clothes on my wardrobe door. That doesn’t usually happen. 

In the end I styled the Topshop checked dress with my Primark fur gilet, which I am totally obsessed with; as well as this new shimmery blue clutch bag from TK Maxx; and my favourite grey wedge boots from Debenhams. 


I couldn’t really decide how to have my hair but I’d put it in rollers in the afternoon to give it s bit of bounce. As usual I ended up with a bit of a white girl Afro, so I pinned some back in a ponytail as you can see. 

I apologise for not having taken a picture of my makeup. But I was wearing No7’s new foundation: Beautifully Light Matte. I have always used their Beautifully Matte which I love as it does what it says on the tin. The light version is indeed much lighter, but has a little more of a sheer look to it though compared with the usual. 

Usually blue eye shadow does not suit me, or at least it didn’t use to when I look back at pictures from quite a few years ago. However, with wearing blue I added a little bit of a soft yet dark blue to the outer corner of my lid and blended it to make it less pigmented. Then I added a shimmery white/very pale yellow colour from my sister’s Makeup Revolution palette to the inner corner and blended it into the blue. 

A delivery of four packs of false eyelashes landed through my letterbox that morning so I decided to try them out. I used Revlon’s eyelash glue and applied them to my top lash line. I went for some quite bold ones with going out. I’m not going to lie, they were as itchy as anything so I ended up taking them off at Bolton train station and throwing them away, lol. 

Below is what I had for dinner. Chiquito’s Hero Burger. Mmmm so good. I was mega full after it but I enjoyed it so much. 

It was sooooo good to see the girls again, I’ve missed them so much.


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