beauty :: lush night 

The first thing I do when I come home from university for any length of time is jump in the bath.

For one, it makes me feel clean. And two, who can resist a good bath.

Nearly two weeks ago my darling lil’ sister turned 14, and one of her presents de moi was this gift set from Lush Cosmetics. She absolutely loves Lush bath bombs, so I couldn’t resist the Great Balls of Bicarb. In the set are 5 very different beautifully smelling bath bombs.




Fresh nourishing avocado feeds the skin. Uplifting lemongrass and bergamot feed the soul.


Frankincense says relax, so blast away worries with fruity bergamot oil.

Honey Bee

Take the sting out of the day with soothing honey, aloe and naturally cleansing rhassoul mud.

Dragon’s Egg

No dragons were harmed for this popping candy egg with mood-brightening lemon and bergamot.

Sex Bomb

Grab one of these for the ultimate sensual bath – grabbing a pair is even better!


Ruth gave me a choice of Blackberry or Dragon’s Egg to use for my bath. I went for the latter after being told about the gold glitter centre. So giddily like a child, I ran the bath and popped the bath bomb in. I love holding it in my hand and watching it fizz like crazy.

She then let me add the rest of a partly-used Intergalatic. The bath was so beautiful.


I definitely recommend Lush products, at uni I have a bar of soap and its lovely on my skin, and sensitive enough to use on my face – it also removes my makeup perfectly!


Lots of love,






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