fashion :: the ASOS nineties

ASOS has to be my favourite. Whenever I’m asked for a recommendation, or asked where I buy my clothes from, I usually reply with them. There is just something about their clothes which are much more fashion forward, on a par with your high street stores like Topshop and Zara.  It would be mega crazy […]

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faith :: nourishment

So for a while now, I’ve been feeling like myself again. The last few months have been rather turbulent but things all going well in all aspects of my life. The topic of this post has literally come at the perfect time. Praise the Lord. This post by a fellow blogger really inspired me to feel […]

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fashion :: ivy park

The await is over. Ivy Park, Beyonce’s fitness wear line for Topshop, has been released. I popped into the Topshop store in Wigan this week and had a look at the collection for myself. Although not there in full, the range was great. Lots of styles; a simple colour scheme of black, white, grey and […]

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beauty :: lush night 

The first thing I do when I come home from university for any length of time is jump in the bath. For one, it makes me feel clean. And two, who can resist a good bath. Nearly two weeks ago my darling lil’ sister turned 14, and one of her presents de moi was this […]

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fashion :: newbies

Ok. Ok. I love shopping.  There. I’ve finally admitted it. Oh. You knew that already? Good. I’m a complete shopaholic. But, for my own sake, I have no shame. It’s something I love. It is more than just a hobby or an “interest”, it is a desire of mine. It’s not the spending money bit. […]

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fashion :: the individual

Trends for 2016 are less about something new, or something revised. Instead, we should focus on individual tastes and let them shine through. The main trends according to Vogue are: SOFT ROCK I love grunge. It’s always a trend that’s on the radar and is the basis of styles for high street brands such as […]

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fashion :: struggles of a…

*You can also find this article in Lancaster University’s newspaper SCAN @* We all have those problem areas, those parts of our bodies we love to hate. But when it’s something that you can’t change or hide, like your height or the size of your chest, the problem becomes an everyday struggle, as does […]

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beauty :: couture

From what we have seen on the runways of late, beauty is getting ever more couture, and an ever more important part of our outfit. Valentino showed us that we should go for a coral yet nude lip with thick yet separated lashes. Also, opting for big brows is clearly on the agenda for AW16. […]

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beauty :: drugstore buys

Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with makeup looks and trying out new things with my makeup. I love eye makeup in particular, as you’ll see from all the examples below.  While in Manchester (see previous post) I did a little cheapo makeup haul from bodycare. Their eyeshadow are wonderful honestly!!! I so recommend. So I […]

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life :: holidays

2016 is the year I’ll be doing plenty of exploring; three different countries. EXCITING, no?! I have two holidays booked, and one pending. And two are with my boyfriend. Can’t get much better than that. Normandy/Rouen So,my first destination is Rouen with university. Basically, it’s a French trip for four days. I’m really excited for […]

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