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Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with makeup looks and trying out new things with my makeup.

I love eye makeup in particular, as you’ll see from all the examples below. 

While in Manchester (see previous post) I did a little cheapo makeup haul from bodycare. Their eyeshadow are wonderful honestly!!! I so recommend. So I got an eyeshadow palette which you will find if you continue reading, a creamy contour kit and a blusher set.


Soft Eyeliner 

I love how chic this small cat flick is and the brown tone keeps it from being too harsh. This sweep of pencil looks great like below, under the bottom lashes.



Every eyelid deserves a rich colour to be brushed upon it. Purples really suit my complexion colour as well as contrasts with my greeny-hazel eyes. I bought a new palette recently to help me recreate the look. Two in fact. One was a splurge, the other a save.


This bargain from Bodycare is super beautiful and the colours are so pigmented. The colours will actually pair really well with the beauties in the Naked3 palette above. 

  Full Lash 

I’ve never actually tried false eyelashes but I’m quite tempted after these photos below. I have naturally long eyelashes which luckily look really full when curled and thickened with mascara, so I’ve never really seen the point. But I think I may soon take a leap and try a false set. I’m just so scared of getting eyelash glue in my eye… 


This was my eye makeup look from last Friday when I went out with my LingLang friends! It was the first time I’d used my Naked3 palette which arrived on that exact day, and also the first time that if applied eyeliner to my bottom lash line…I’m not sure if that’s a look that really suits me.


  I’m out with the same cool people tomorrow night so you can definitely expect me to share another makeup look, probably on Instagram.

Have a great weekend you beautiful babes!



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