beauty :: graphic´╗┐

Beauty was always a side-line to my love of fashion until I undertook the role of Fashion & Beauty Editor of SCAN. It opened my eyes to talking about something just as, if not even more, artistic than fashion.  Ever since I was little, I always loved doing my eyeshadow and that still continues to […]

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fashion :: town trip

So after a long week of lectures and seminar (boringggg), I treated myself to a couple of hours in Lancsster city centre. That’s if you can call it a city. But anyway, it was a cute and successful visit! I got exactly what I needed without going overboard, congratulations to me.          I left […]

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beauty :: drugstore buys

Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with makeup looks and trying out new things with my makeup. I love eye makeup in particular, as you’ll see from all the examples below.  While in Manchester (see previous post) I did a little cheapo makeup haul from bodycare. Their eyeshadow are wonderful honestly!!! I so recommend. So I […]

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