fashion :: town trip

So after a long week of lectures and seminar (boringggg), I treated myself to a couple of hours in Lancsster city centre. That’s if you can call it a city. But anyway, it was a cute and successful visit! I got exactly what I needed without going overboard, congratulations to me. 

I left the house feeling very hippy (probably due to the blonde and plaits), only to find once the door closed shut behind me that an icy breeze was blowing across campus. A brisk walk took me to the university underpass where I successfully mounted a bus and I even managed to find a friend to sit with.

My friend, also called Anna, and I parted ways once we got off the bus and I headed off down the little high street, looking for a pink skirt. It may sound like a weird item to be shopping for specifically. And I suppose it is. But the thing is, I’m throwing a party at my house tonight. I’m planning on wearing a black twist v-neck top and a skirt. But the skirt is the problem. I can’t wear my floral one as it needs a serious iron and I just cba with that. And then I don’t want to wear all black like I did last Friday night. And as I’m going to be wearing some super cute pom-pom earrings that are, you guessed it, pink, I thought a pink skirt would tie in nicely. I checked out all the stores before River Island, knowing they’d have one. They had two in fact. A pale half faux leather/suede one but unfortunately it was not available in my size. They also had a neon pink one, a lot nicer than it sounds, and it had a nice cut and a-line shape to it. But I was undecided so I left it. 

Funnily enough I left the store with something else in hand… My dress for the impending wedding of my cousin and his fiancée. This is not the best outfit photo but I hope you agree on the dress choice. I was adamant I wasn’t going to go for florals but I have a thing for orange. And I love how the print is kind of retro and channels a sort of oriental vibe being in a kimono wrap style. I love the length and all I need now is a pair of heels, a matching clutch and lots of jewellery to spruce it up. 


From there I walked up to a super cool vegan cafe called the Whaletail Café, but unfortunately there was no sittings space left so I ventured back on myself to find somewhere. I walked past a cuter poking tearoom Amy’s but I couldn’t tell if it was open or not. Then I found Diggles in Ffrances Passage. 
Afterwards I walked through the arcade to Select; a shop I have a love-hate relationship with. More often than not I find a piece in there which is very me and a little different. And it is always priced well. Although not pink, I found a skirt to wear tonight! A silver grey faux suede one which is rather elegant and makes the most of my curves. If you’ve seen the suede ones that Topshop do (and they’re still £40 in the sale!!!) then this is a good counterpart. 

Overall, it was a good day and I didn’t go mad for once! I’ll share my new lip liners from Maybelline in a separate post later today or tomorrow.
Ciao and lots of love,


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