forever :: recipe

Hey lovelies, so tonight I wanted to share with you, as promised on Facebook, my protein bites recipe using two of my Forever favourites. If you didn’t know from my Instagram (@ku_layrosas), I’m a total foodie. Although truth be told, I haven’t actually gone “out” for food in a long while – need to change […]

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food :: pack horse

If you live anywhere near me, you may have heard of The Pack Horse, in Affetside. I absolutely adore this place. Everything about it is just spot on, and also, they do amazing cocktails. Just saying. Yesterday afternoon my mum text me “Shall we go out for tea?” And let’s face it, it would be […]

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food :: homemade brunch 

So I don’t actually think I’ve done a good post in a while, throwing it back to veggie bowls… But I made an amazing brunch today and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  Breakfast always used to be boring, it’s like meh I’m up just gimme food. I never wake up wanting cereal, although Special […]

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beauty :: drugstore buys

Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with makeup looks and trying out new things with my makeup. I love eye makeup in particular, as you’ll see from all the examples below.  While in Manchester (see previous post) I did a little cheapo makeup haul from bodycare. Their eyeshadow are wonderful honestly!!! I so recommend. So I […]

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