food :: homemade brunch 

So I don’t actually think I’ve done a good post in a while, throwing it back to veggie bowls…

But I made an amazing brunch today and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. 

Breakfast always used to be boring, it’s like meh I’m up just gimme food. I never wake up wanting cereal, although Special K’s Granola is veryyyy nice. My mornings have been transformed even since I persuaded my mum to buy avocados last summer. Now if I wake up late like 10/11am when I don’t have a lecture till the afternoon, I’ll mash an avocado on some seeded bread (preferably Allison’s white seeded loaf), and fry up a couple of rashers of bacon. Although not the healthiest as we’re talking processed meat, it gives me a great kickstart in the morning and fills me up! 

Anyway back to today’s brunch…

I was craving my usual late morning breakfast when I woke up and so headed downstairs. But I decided to add some scrambled eggs with it which I made all fluffy and were absolutely delicious. 

In my last food shop, I’d put some cheese stuffed red peppers and olives so I added a few of each to my plate, as well as some chorizo and Wensleydale cheese! As much as I love garlic cheese, this Wensleydale is probably my favourite. It has a creamy texture in the mouth and not too strong and has cranberries in that really give it a nice taste. Mmmm. I need more of it. 

So as usual, I mashed my avocado on the bread. I loaded one slice with the scrambled eggs and the other with the three rashers of bacon. And the rest of the food went around it. 

Try this out and see if you enjoy it! 

It seems like such a random combination of food but it reallyyyyy works! Going to be having a veggie bowl as my dinner later on, so check out my Instagram @ku_layrosas for a possible picture!



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