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Yesterday marked International Women’s Day and as I am a woman (woo, one point to me), I felt a post coming on.

I’m allllllll for female empowerment. Insert that *I LOVE IT* gif off the little girl. I really do believe empowerment in a broad sense is the most necessary thing in the world. If we empower ourselves, we can empower others. Anyone else feel an Anna preach coming on?!

My best friends – four lil beauties in particular – are my role models. They inspire me so much. So here’s a lil thing about four of me besties…


Bestie since day 1 of Reception, Amy is the closest thing I have to a second sister. She just gets me, understands my thought processes which if you know me, you’ll know they are pretty crazy most of the time. She is always on my level, ready to back me up and help me fight my battles. She’s such a strong person and I love being her best mate. I’ve never had a bad moment with her. She inspires me so much to just go with life and keep smiling.


Perhaps my favourite person on the planet, Vicky lights up my life. I’ve never had a dull moment with her and we’re always in fits of laughter whenever we’re together. She is opinionated in the right way, and always puts me back on the right track. She’s picked me up so many times when I’ve been hurting and is so resisilient to anything and everything that’s tries to knock he off track. Love ya Baby G.


Bro since we were 11, Grace and I get on like a house on fire. Never have I ever felt so comfortable around someone, nor so comfortable under their playboy blanket (ask Grace…). She is the best friend in the world. She puts me straight, tells me how it is and when to shut up and stop acting like a child. She forgets the mistakes I’ve made and loves me regardless. Her passion for making people happy inspires me.


Perhaps the most gorgeous girl I know, my K-Dizz is the greatest best friend. She’s there for every moment, every up, every down. She points out when I’m being a numpty but helps me stop and always make me feel beautiful. She is so kind and compassionate, the BEST baker and all round beauty. Her love for women having their true importance empowers me to stand strong, and I love how I can tell her anything.

I’m a lucky girl to have friends like I do. Even luckier because I have more that I could’ve mentioned. If you’re reading and I’ve ever called you my friend, I love you and appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me.

I’ve not been to church in a while so I feel a bit lacking in faith right now. I know going to church doesn’t actually equal faith but it’s such an important part of a Christian life to have constant teaching and guidance.

For quite a while now I’ve received emails from Joy Pedrow Ministries. I often don’t have time to read the whole post but I totally recommended signing up. The odd thing I read reminds me why I became a Christian: to show love to others. Other than forgiveness, that’s what I love about the Christian faith: love. It makes the world go round. And no one can reslly deny that as most people, if not all people find “the one” or “their match” at some pout in their lives. As I’ve known of late, love and relationships do not always last but it’s what you have at the time that counts. 

I’m a big poetry fan. Soppy ones get to me, but I love deep ones that really do go deep. Rupi Kaur is one of my poets (@rupikaur_ on Instagram). Her words are so meaningful and always cut deep. She is really an empowering, inspiring woman. I aim to be like that. I don’t want a materialistic, boring life – although I want a house for a wardrobe – I want to change at least one person’s life. 

Back when Stacey Dooley Investigates was on BBC3, (the channel I hear has now been discontinued 😦 ), I got all hyped up and rather ranty about one show in particular. I could just about cope with the Filipino cyber sex episode, as disgusting a thought as it is, but the machista city of San Pedro Sula got to me. I cannot cope with the thought of domestic violence. I know that it’s not all just men against women but in these cases it was. In such a patriarchal society like those in the countries of South America, women are raped, beaten, even killed. And not even for sex, it’s almost seemed like it was for the hell of it. Not on okay, not on. Stop it right now mate.

This passion has kind of always been within me. I would say I’m a friendly person, I’m definitely not cold and I’ll be the first to willingly give a hug or say hello to a stranger. I believe everyone needs support and love and strength. Yes strength comes from within but it makes such a difference when other people make you strong.


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