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Hey lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago I had two beautiful young girls request on my Instagram (@ku_layrosas) that I start a YouTube channel. I am so tempted. I just don’t know how successful it’d be.

Kulayrosas as a blog is doing so well. It’s taken me a little by surprise. I’m on hundreds of page views a day, I love how much you guys seem to love it. Big love all round. And kisses. Many kisses.

I’m hoping to get some proper photos taken on a few local locations to show you more of what I’m wearing on a day to day basis. But it’s all on Insta anyway, so following me on there is the best way not to miss out, especially since I post at least once every day.

I have some major plans to take Kulayrosas forward, but I’m keeping them close to my chest for now.

But, I’m definitely planning on sharing some more food stuff. I’m starting proper training and healthy eating ASAP as I’m thinking of joining the army as a linguist after university. However, I also would be the usual soldier so I need to be incredibly fit. It’ll be an interesting journey, but it’s certainly an exciting one – and completely different from my dreams of working in fashion.

That’s all for now in this mini catch up post.


Lots and lots of love hunny buns,

Anna x

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