food :: pack horse

If you live anywhere near me, you may have heard of The Pack Horse, in Affetside. I absolutely adore this place. Everything about it is just spot on, and also, they do amazing cocktails. Just saying.

Yesterday afternoon my mum text me “Shall we go out for tea?” And let’s face it, it would be stupid to turn down the idea of food.

The first and only place that I suggested was The Pack Horse, because we’ve never not had a “bad” meal there. I love it’s cosy and cute feel, yet it’s still just a good pub/restaurant to go to.

Presentation is picture-perfect and the food is to die for.

Royal Pimms cocktail

Mango and Mozzarella Salad (and. who can turn down chunky chips)


First off, big thanks to my amazing mum for taking these photos! And for taking the family out for a meal.

Topshop top
I have a love/hate relationship with this Topshop blouse. It’s like: I know it doesn’t make me look any slimmer, yet, I adore styling it regardless. I also love the detail of the horizontal appliquéd band, and the frayed (on purpose, yes dad you heard me) hems.
Plus, there’s just something about wearing white…and no, I’m not thinking of a wedding dress!!! I simply love how either white or black offset my blonde dip dye. And I adore how my hair looks in this photo – just don’t tell the orthodontist that I’ve used three brace elastics in my hair…

I have no idea where these jeans are from; other than I was given them by my mum after she had sorted her wardrobe out. They are uber comfy and I love the colour. I just wish I’d looked in the mirror after rolling them up *fail* *major lols*. I almost wish I hadn’t pointed it out, but I don’t take myself that seriously. You should see the photos that don’t make the cut *dies of embarrassment*.

These boots are the same ones as I wore in a recent post; grey suede and from Debenhams sale at Christmas-time. Favourite boots, end of story. And even though they’re not that high and don’t make me much taller, I feel taller. When you’re naturally just over 5ft, trust me you’ll do anything to look taller!

I nearly didn’t add a scarf to this look. But I was, as I’m full of a cold, feeling a chill. Like my boots it’s hands down my favourite scarf. It’s so bold and colourful, literally brightens up my own day. As a present my friend brought back for me from Mauritius, I feel special wearing it. My friends are so, so kind.


How cute and beautiful and just to die for is this little clutch purse. It was a birthday present from one of my beautiful friends, and is from Mango.


I hate pictures like this (they’re cheesy and awkward to look at) but yeah *haha*, here’s my makeup look. I went for completely pink eyes before I had even decided on my outfit, particularly the scarf. But it all tied in well in the end.

The majority of my makeup is No.7, I swear by it. My eyeshadow is a mix of a MAC blusher, and the blush tones of the Naked3 Palette by Urban Decay. For my lips, I’ve used my Forever Living aloe vera lip balm; lined my lips with a soft brown colour; and then patted a cheap pinky-red eyeshadow on top.



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