summer :: holiday prep

Within what you can deem as “holiday planning” is our annual meal out.

It has almost, if not definitely, become a pre-holiday ritual. As we always venture off around the date of my Gran’s birthday, it’s both a birthday celebration and a farewell (for 2 weeks).

This year we chose the King Bill, a local pub, as our venue. “Venue” is a bit too extravagant a word for this occasion, but anyway. The food at said pub is lush; I’ve personally never had a bad meal there.

I ordered my favourite: Greek Chicken, and as usual, I loved it. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more succulent chicken. And Rosé makes every meal better.

Greek Chicken


My organisation is currently all over the place, so I will slap my own wrists for not leaving time to take any outfit photos. However, here’s a #fromwhereistand with my sis.


I can’t speak for my sister, but from what you can see in this picture my outfit is…

Blue denim jeans; a long striped shirt (Matalan); and my pink shiny clutch (Mango, see this post for a better look). These heels are my favourites; ta to New Look for them. They’re super, super comfy and I just love how they look on my feet.


I’ll be doing my best to bring you holiday posts as and when, but I think after such a crazy year, I owe myself a break. More than likely, I will write them on holiday and post them when I’m back. I guess we’ll see… My plans are never set in stone.


Lots of love,


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