fashion :: fuchsia 

Last night we were invited, as a family, to the wedding reception of our neighbour’s daughter. 

It was so beautiful, and I was totally in awe of the decor. Love, love, love. 

It was so lovely to have a special outing to go to with my family. With having been at university, it’s great to spend quality time with them again. And my sister totally aced the dancefloor. She’s the best. 


My outfit for the reception was pretty simple: a fuchsia cami dress, courtesy of the Matalan sale. I’m all for a bargain, and all for talking up my bargains. So, yeah. This dress is the one

I’ve never worn this colour of purple before and wasn’t quite sure if I could pull it off…I think I managed…did I? I tried my best. 

With it being a simple shape, I accessorised it heavily with a few of my favourite items (pictured). Particularly, these gold “ghetto” hoops from River Island – a sale bargain at £2 and are now my favourite earrings. 


I have to thank my favourite snapchat filter for thinning my face, but here’s my makeup look. I probably should’ve taken one pre-outing so here I am; slightly sweaty, shiny, and in need of a reapplication of my lipstick. This shade is Vivien, by NARS. 

That’s all for now. 

Congratulations and best wishes to Mr & Mrs Parkinson Jones. 

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