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If you are a long time Kulayrosas reader then you may have read a brief post over summer about my experience at Life Church Bradford’s youth conference RockNations.

While there, youth pastor Abs Niblock hosted a little get together of the girls at the event called “be that girl”. It was a super idea to get the girls together, and it was nice to spend some time with the girls from my youth group away from the lovely, but rowdy, boys.

She had composed some “be that girl” statements, such as:

  • Be that girl who is motivated with the love of Jesus.
  • Be that girl who is the friend you always wanted.
  • Be that girl of God that a man of God would want to marry.
  • Be that girl that casts her burdens on God.
  • Be that girl who travels light.
  • Be that girl who gets over things quickly.
  • Be that girl that accepts problems.
  • Be that girl who removes stigma.
  • Be that girl who serves her own future.
  • Be that girl that says this girl can.
  • Be that girl who you want to be.
  • Be that girl who eases God.
  • Be that girl who decides what girl she wants to be.
  • Be that girl who influences in the right way.

I don’t know what your take on faith is but all I can say is believing in God is sooooo worth it people. I owe everything I have and am to Him, and if you ever have any questions feel free to message me on anything about it.

I just love these statements. Since RockNations, these statements have continually empowered me through a couple of dark spells. It is really important to proclaim your self-worth to yourself, rather than other people.

About four or five girls spoke about their experience of being a woman of God. There were two of the women who stood out most for me. First Pam from Mercy Ministries who spoke of God guarding our hearts and his light being within us. She devised the statement: “Be that girl who lets God be God” and advised us to not find comfort in something in order to heal and comfort ourselves. And then there was Fi’s testimony of being planted in Christ and choosing the environment we’re planted in, and the atmosphere we grow in. She talked of flourishing in the house of God by knowing the scriptures to empower ourselves and adapting to His needs.




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