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So you may or may not have experienced my Instagram spam on Wednesday due to an amazing day out in my favourite city. With my favourite person. Cheeeeeese.
Well anyway, it was a pretty amazing day spent with Josh doing some things I haven’t done in the city centre before; bowling, playing pool, eating in an underground diner/restaurant. 


So to start off, I left uni for the half 1 train and made it to Manchester just a few minutes before half 2. We’re pretty lucky to not be that far from each other. Josh was waiting for me on the platform (relationship goals, I know) and I took his hand and we headed into Manchester. We left Oxford Road station to go play pool somewhere Josh likes and has been before: Black Dog Ballroom. It’s just off Whitworth Street (I think). 


It is a pretty cool place and it was fun to just chat and catch up while I began to get the hang of playing pool. Safe to say Josh beat me in both games lol. It was still fun but I really need to up my game… Let’s blame the ridicously strong El Presidente cocktail pictured above, tipsy hehe.
From there we went to DogBowl, which is actually linked to Black Dog Ballroom. I loved the bowling! I got a strike!!!! (I’m ace like that) and we drank Dino Juice out of a coconut until Josh won. Unfair once again.

After the game we walked up into the centre and down Market Street, into UO. Although I never actually buy anything from there, I love the style and I always get so much inspiration when I’m inside the store. If I could afford it is definitely shop at Urban Outfitters more as their clothes are my kind of style. Also I’m kind of addicted to their photo booth as Josh well and truly knows and has to put up with “can we go to the photo booth” practically every time we venture into the big city. But we were £1 short of the £4 needed (poor student life) and so Josh pulled us out of there. But we did find a funky machine that you can print off Instagram photos off from! We couldn’t decide for ages what photo to do so we ended up going for an old photbooth one from earlier in the year. 


After a stroll around the Arndale and a trying on session in Topshop, we decided it was time to fill our rubbling bellies. As master date planner, Josh took me to Dogs’n’Dough. I’m super lucky to have someone who will still look at me lovingly while I’ve got my mouth round a a Philly Cheese Steak Hotdog. Yeah so that’s what I had, and Josh had a Rajin’ Cajun’ dog. Although the pizzas sounded too delicious to pass up, we had planned to devour a sweet  pizza for afters. Safe to say it almost uni annihilated Josh who after one big slice couldn’t handle it anymore. We ended up deciding to take it away, and I brought it back to uni with me. 



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