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2016 is the year I’ll be doing plenty of exploring; three different countries. EXCITING, no?!

I have two holidays booked, and one pending. And two are with my boyfriend. Can’t get much better than that.


So,my first destination is Rouen with university. Basically, it’s a French trip for four days. I’m really excited for this. It is just before my speaking exam and so should boost my confidence and I’ll be able to practice. That is my main reason for going on the trip. If you know me and my language skills, I get superrrrr nervous (like everyone I suppose) about and when speaking in a foreign language – whether it’s French or Spanish. I’ve no reason to actually be nervous as I am good enough to get two high B’s in both French and Spanish at A Level. (And an A in English, #languagegeek)

Normandy is just beautiful. It’s always somewhere I’ve thought of going, and I know people who have gone in the past really enjoyed it. I have found some gorgeous pictures on Instagram and Pinterest… I can’t wait to go. Imagine the photo opportunities.




So my second destination of the year is the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria. My boyfriend and I booked this a couple of weeks ago and I still can’t believe it. We are constantly counting down the days. It looks like such an exquisite place with plenty to do. I’ll definitely be snapping all the time (Josh on the blog photos) and visiting the many museums Vienna has to offer. I reallyyy want to go to see Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ and other pieces of his work. Love. We got lucky and found cheap flights, so we’re staying for 9/10 days eeeeeeek.

10 Things You Have to See in Vienna:

Woodif Co Photo - A walk through the city center of Vienna. Austria 594387211459995:

Vienna! Oh it's even more beautiful in the winter! Oh how I wish I went then! #travel #yourtravellist:

Loved Vienna in 2010... would have loved to see this while I was there...Vienna Opera...just means I need to go back...:

Vienna, Austria. Wish I could hop on a flight tomorrow.:

Looking down to Karnter Strasse from the top of St Steven's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria:

Old and New together in Vienna, Austria:

Portugal – Lagos

Although this holiday is still pending, it is likely to happen. Last summer my boyfriend and his family stayed here for two weeks and this summer I’ve been invited to join them! I feel honoured and so loved thanks to their invitation. I miss his mum rather a lot (I used to spend Friday nights and all-day Sundays at theirs) when I’m at uni and always get excited to see her again. So, it’ll be great to spend two weeks with them…in the SUN. Will I tan?! I better had do.

Here’s some photos that Josh took…





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