life/fashion :: friday’s are for dancing

Tonight I’m off out into Lancaster for a night out with my LingLang homies, ultimate crew. Pretty excited. They’re such awesome people, and I’m so glad I met them and get to chuckle about lecturers when we should be learning… That’s university for you guys.

I’m here, about an hour and a half before my first time at football training, trying to figure out what to wear. For the night out of course, football meh same as gym gear.

I don’t fancy going to dressed up as I’m expecting quite a hectic night – and it’s pre-drinks at the lovely Helen’s first too. 

I’m tempted to go all black. Black velvety skirt, sheer black top but I don’t know. I’m leafing through the Vogue Paris Collections that I bought earlier (a treat for handing in my linguistics coursework – the last piece until next term WOO). But this magazine is just making me want to go all disco-y in sequins or head to toe emerald green. Hm, maybe not.

I’ve at least decided on a makeup look. I found this idea on Pinterest and I fancy trying it:

It’s a super feminine look that’ll go with whatever I wear. I’m hoping to nip and get my parcels after football training. In there should be the Naked3 Palette. So expect dewy, shimmery blush tones to be alllllll over my eyes. (Lol). 
So, I’ll be back from training like a sweaty mess, and it’ll be time for shower. Then I’ll decide.

Check my Instagram @ku_layrosas in case I post an #ootn. 


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