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First, my congratulations to my eldest cousin Chris and his fiancee Amy on their engagement! And now, the time is drawing near for their wedding…

I haven’t been to many weddings in my short life, but the ones I’ve experienced I’ve enjoyed. As a Christian, marriage is sacred and important to me, and I am not one of those people who takes love for granted. I’m already planning my own wedding; and admittedly I have been since the year dot – its a girl thing, I hope. You can check out my Pinterest board “WEDDING” @kulayrosas for all my inspiration and ideas for a perfect, beautiful wedding that’s just me.

My boyfriend and I received a gorgeous invite, handmade by the bride to be’s mother. It was kind of Alice in Wonderland themed with “Don’t be late for a very important date!” stamped on it. Super cute.

Of course, we accepted.

So here I am, bored in the library when I should be finishing my linguistics essay that is coursework, and due tomorrow. Hehe. It’s nearly done I promise.

I have resulted in compiling a wish list of looks I want to create and rework so that I look as good as possible at the wedding. Yet fashionable. I do not want to wear another floral dress that does nothing for my figure.

So, as I do have hips and a bum, I was thinking about a midi skirt, perhaps a pencil one, but as long as it is possible to sit down in it. I have found a few, courtesy of ASOS. Here they are:

Image 4 of ASOS Cornelli Pencil SkirtImage 1 of ASOS Premium Midi Skirt in Pink Metallic with Sheer OverlayImage 4 of ASOS Midi Skirt In Bold Metallic StripeImage 1 of ASOS Prom Skirt in Embroidered Lace MeshImage 3 of ASOS co-ord Pencil Skirt With Floral AppliqueImage 1 of ASOS Chevron Pleat Maxi Skirt


Not going to lie, I am wary of wearing white as one, it’s the bride’s colour; and two, it’s a colour that maximises your body. And I in particular, do not need that. However, I love the first skirt above, it’s super cute and would hide my thighs which are one of those areas I want to work on. The detail of the skirt is super pretty and would definitely look cute.

I really want to style my wedding outfit like the last (the grey jumper on). I think it’s a really effortless look that is to my taste, and is the ideal understated glamour.

My favourite of the skirts is the second, the almost coral pink. I think this maybe the one I go for when the time comes. My only problem is whether the skirt is as puffy as it looks, but I know a great tailor who lives in the same village as me back home who could sort it right out for me.

In an ideal world…

With this skirt, I’d love to pair like a long-sleeved V-neck top or jumper, perhaps a muted colour, grey or black. Although, I am rather wary of wearing black to a wedding; it just seems inappropriate.

The skirt is super quirky and so I’d pair my favourite box clutch and probably some block coloured heels for a contrast.


I will keep you updated on the search for the wedding outfit!


Lots of love,


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