life :: cherry cola

The weekend just gone was as lovely as anything. I had a date with a guy called Bradley, perhaps the sweetest guy ever (hello you reading, lol cheese.). 

We had a little run (in the car obviously Bradley like come on, I don’t run) up to the Lakes, settling in Bowness on Lake Windermere. 


Despite the dreary weather, we clambered out of the car and trundled through town and down the side of the lake. We carried on through a little wooded area and sat on a bench looking over the water. 

The swans on the way back freaked me out so bad, they were flipping massive! Bradley kept pushing me into them once I’d said they scared me, and I can’t believe how brave one man was feeding them!


Soaked through, and my hat deformed from the rain, we made our way back to the car and drove back to Lancaster. 

On Sunday, I took Bradley for his first ever Wetherspoons breakfast, I cannot believe he’s never had one before! Of course, I made him have pancakes with maple syrup and bacon!!! Safe to say he enjoyed it, as well as his porridge afterwards. Boy sure can eat a lot.


Then we went off in to Lancaster so I could show Bradley round a bit, going for a Straw Baby smoothie at Juicafe! I loveeeee that place. 


Afterwards, we headed up to the castle so I could take a few pictures and then said goodbye! 


Miss you lol, I know you’ll be reading. 



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