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So I feel like two months is a very long time to not have posted anything, nor have written anything. In all honesty, I don’t really know where I am at at the moment and trying to find time to blog is like trying to find time to sit down and breathe.

So I thought while I eat my chicken dinner (including the nicest sweet potato mash), I’d spill a few thoughts. Typical that as soon as I typed spill I would spill my water all over my pretty meal planner. Lol. Yes I have a meal planner. That’s how sad life is getting. 

My second university can be described so succinctly that I only need to use one word: hard. It’s definitely a constant state of I’ve no idea what this even means but I’m just going to have to go with the flow and makes notes on it anyway. I also spend half the time not knowing if I’m learning the right thing, and the other half not feeling like I’m learning anything at all. I guess that’s just going to be the way it is.

In the past few weeks people have been mentioning doing a Masters degree to me, but at the moment fat chance I’ll be doing that. I think I’ve had enough of studying. I say that, but I know I’ll massively miss what people call (even though it’s not) “the easy life”. If anyone ever tells me again that being at uni is easy then I’ll happy let them shadow me for a week and see how they find it. 

So far the best thing about this year has been meeting more people from my course. It’s not that big a course at all, but when you go from a lecture to the same seminar group every single week, you miss out on saying at least a hello to everyone. I’m so happy to have made three particularly amazing friends thanks to being in a presentation group for English Grammar. Spending an hour googling what “cup-caking” and seeing images of children dressed as farts is definitely one way to bond. Yes. You right that right. Children dressed as farts. Google it. 
I’m hoping to write a few more posts in the next couple of weeks but I’m making no promises. I should maybe make a blog schedule like I need to do for the rest of my hectic life. 

I’m just so glad that 8 weeks (6 of uni, two extra) into uni I’m starting to enjoy it more, and not let myself get so stressed out by it all. 

All for now. 



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  1. Do you know what? I think you are beginning to find your inner strength to go with the flow. I’ve sat in many lectures and come out thinking ‘duh’. But realised some ‘duhs’ can have a positive effect in how you next take that learning approach to get you through. Keep on going Anna as you are definitely making progress. Love mum xx

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