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I feel like a soppy post is in order, and I want to dedicate it to the one person in my life who has held my hand through every moment. Mum. I know you’ll probably read this at some point, or when you get your email. But, this one is for you.

I read this article on Facebook called “10 Things You Learn From Being Raised by a Strong Mother” last night. And, frankly, I agree with every word. Author Naim captures exactly what being the daughter of a bad-ass, no-messing, inspirational mother is like.

So I’m going to share with you Naim’s points but expand on them and give you my own views too. And of course, tailor it to my own wonderful strong mother.

1. Independence

Now, to be brought up by a strong independent woman is the best thug for anyone, particularly for daughters. Mums like these teach you that you don’t need a man (even if they’re married to someone/your dad) to make you happy. You can do it all by yourself, cos you’re awesome like that.

2. Unconditional love

With being a Christian, I believe that I am loved no matter what. But, you also get that kind of love from family, particularly from your mother. I’ve made mistakes but my mum is always there with her arms around me, telling me that everything is going to end okay. I live you very much for that mum.

3. Love yourself. The number one life lesson to learn is to and how to love you yourself. Mothers, and fathers too, teach you this life lesson and by building you up, they help you reach your potential.

4. Strong and soft. Courage yet sweetness are admirable qualities, and mothers are the best role models for them.

5. Being a woman is not easier. Mothers will show you that as a woman you have to have a bit more fight, a bit more strength, and a lot more determination. Once you break through the glass ceiling though, you’re onto a winner. My own mum is the only woman in her field in her workplace, and that inspires me to be that one different glimmer of hope. She’s also fantastic at her job, you go girl.

6. Never look back. My mum has taught me to just keep going, and to power on through all adversities. There’s no point dwelling on the past, or what might’ve been. Deal with the now.

7. Patience and faith. Your mother will teach you the importance of waiting for what is right for you. My mum is always telling me to slow down and allow God to work his magic, especially when it comes to looking for a relationship. My mum has always reminded me ti have faith too. To keep my trust in God and my feet firmly planted on the ground so I can walk steadily on the path He has set before me. I love this about my mum, she is so encouraging and always picks me up in times of need.

8. Create your own happiness. Sometimes my mum finds it quite hard to look favourably on life, as it isn’t always kind to her. However, for the good of my little sister and I, she stays brave and powers on through everything. She shows me how to make myself happy, and design a life that I love, and how to choose happiness in every situation.

9. She knows more about love. You can try and think you’re cleverer than your mum, but you’re not. You may think you’re experiencing one off things that have never happened to anyone else, but you’re not. Other women, and particularly your own mother, probably went through them and had similar feelings at the same age as you. Leon on your mum and her experience. Love isn’t easy but she knows way more than you, and will always be on your side if there’s a war being waged on your heart.

10. You’ll be a good mother too one day. If you’re mum is anything like mine, then she’s your inspiration as well as your aspiration in life. She’s my number one role model, and I hope I can raise and provide for my children the way she has for my sister and me.

So, Mum, when you read this…know that I love you with all of my heart. You’re the most amazing mum a girl could wish for. I love you so much, please never forget that.








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