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After feeling cramped in the house doing university work pre-France, and my sister having to practically teach herself a GCSE Geography module over summer, we both decided to change up our study locations. So, we took the Metro from Radcliffe to Market Street, Manchester with the plan to study in Manchester Central Library.

Post-delicious hot chocolate in Manchester Art Gallery’s Café, Ruth and I made our way to the library.

After a hilarious 10 minutes of visiting every floor minus the one with all the desks to sit at, we found the circular room, set out all our stuff and began our study. Proud sister moment: seeing my lil (but not so lil) sis studying hard, despite not actually enjoying the topic.

After getting a solid 3 hours of study done, we headed off for brunch in the Northern Quarter. A recommendation was given to us by our friend: Federal Café & Bar. And we loved it!!! Allllll the heart eyes.

From Federal, we did a little NQ tour, since I hadn’t been in months, which mostly comprised of graffiti pictures.

We also hit Pop Boutique, Thunder Egg, and just the toilets of Nexus Art Café – it was a necessary DIY graffiti stop ok.

And then we went to my favourite book shop: Magma, where I picked up the 18th issue of LOVE Magazine, and a NY picture-book called ‘A New York Minute’.

After all this, our arms were aching (LOVE magazines, and a laptop+notebooks+2litres of water are HEAVY man) so we chilled under the sun in Piccadilly Gardens, laughing away at the kids running through the fountains, and casually screaming when pigeons flew at us thanks to the idiot child that purposely poured our pasty crumbs onto the grass next to us. Not on kid.

From there we tried to find a H&M blouse Ruth really wanted in Kuala Lumpur, but typically, they had EVERYTHING but that one blouse. And UO only created more desires for sportswear, and then Mango came through and supplied me with some funky ‘M’ earrungs and a new tee – will share on the blog soon.


It was SO good to spend a whole day with my sister sans argument/fight/abuse. I’m so proud of how she is growing up and maturing, from September onwards every year of her education matters to the rest of her life, and I know she’s going to smash it!




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