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I couldn’t entitle this blog post in any other way than “wonder”.

If you’re a Christian and into worship music, notably Hillsong, and you haven’t yet heard ‘Wonder’ Hillsong United’s new album, you need to get on it.

My lovely friend Sophie introduced me to it on the way home from !Audacious Church in Manchester on Sunday night – post-bombing it down the motorway to Rooftops and TheAnthem.

That moment in the car was so special – singing like idiots yet with so much faith and praise, I can’t even express how great it was. We’re also totally mad. How Sophie concentrated on driving I’ve no idea, I was too busy pretending to be drumming away, and singing badly.

Then today, I needed a pick me up while studying, so I got onto Hillsong United’s Spotify profile. I’ve been listening to Wonder and Shadow Step on repeat for like 4 hours now.

But now, as I sit studying, I’ve stepped it up to Not Today and Glimmer In The Dust. The former has made me realise why so many young people came back from Life Church Bradford’s youth conference RockNations saying:

Let the devil know not today.

But it is the latter that has spoke to me.

Glimmer In The Dust, even just the title, reminds me of the moments I have with God in chaos. Chaos could be a crowded room; a place I really don’t want to be in; or the likes of a different faith’s place of worship.

God speaks to me in these moments. I’m reminded of what could be my calling; why He loves me; why I love Him; and what my purpose is. I’m also reminded to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

In the dust, God is a glimmer. He is a glimmer of hope in the dirtiest, darkest, dingiest of places. He is the light.

Life is so wonderful.

The above may sound like a throwaway comment, but it actually has so much depth.

Some may say that “life is cruel”, but I believe circumstances to be cruel, not life itself. Life is God-given, and He gives those who put their trust in Him what they need to live a fulfilled, whole life.

We are called to be IN the world, not of the world.



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