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So I’ve hit that horrible point of summer. That nearly the end of August therefore nearly the end of summer phase which seems to result in me feeling blue.

At the moment this feeling is heightened by anxiety as I’m stressing over sorting things to move away to France.

So far, I’m doing okay handling it. And, studying outside of the house, or just getting out at least once a day for a walk to ‘clear my head’ is helping SO much.

I know that at this time of the year, I’m probably not the only one feeling like this. Everyone struggles with the realisation they’re starting a new academic year, even if some people seem to breeze through the transition.

But I felt it was important to share some self-care things I use/have found helpful because mental health is a global thing, that EVERYBODY HAS – everyone’s mental health and wellbeing is important.

If it’s college/university that you’re stressing about, Hope Young has some great tips on her blog on how to get yourself prepared for the year ahead. Read here.

I love pinning self-care and self-help tips on Pinterest, as they’re so great to refer to when I’m having a meltdown, especially if you’re anything like me and always on your phone. Below is a great list of things you can do to help your physical, mental and emotional health:

If you need more advice, check out this blog post.

From personal experience, if you do feel you are having issues with particularly your mental health, always go speak to your doctor. It may be nerve-wracking to talk about such personal “problems” but health professionals are trained to discuss these things, and prescribe medication or suggest counselling.

In terms of counselling, it can be really helpful. I had a couple of sessions when I was 15 and struggling with anxiety, and I gained lots of tips and ways of controlling any anxious feelings. Since then, I have also taken medication, but I refer back to what I learned in counselling almost every day, so it really is valuable.

Opening-up is the best policy, as is honesty. Remember, people are there to help you, just reach out to them.

Lots of love,


*all photos from Pinterest*

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