career :: beginnings

When I think back to finishing secondary school at 16, I remember people acquiring “summer jobs” before we began sixth form/college in the Autumn. I never had any desire to work or have a job, let alone a summer job. I knew I did not want to sit in an office filing at age 16, whether it “paid well” or not.

But since then, I’ve had various jobs. In the space of 4 years, I’ve done seasons of being a Match Day Steward for Blackburn Rovers Football Club; been a Bakery Assistant at Sainsbury’s Lancaster; and now this summer I’ve been a Blogger and worked on Marketing projects for The Wellbeing Farm Wedding Venue.


All three jobs have impacted on my character in their own way.

My stewarding days have enabled me to really understand the inner workings of event management, and operational systems, and the need for quality safety and security of customers, guests, clients, etc. It has helped my confidence, awareness, and taught me how to stand on my own two feet.

Working in a supermarket is SO much tougher than it may seem, and what seems like not a great deal from a customer perspective, is actually real labour and effort from supermarket staff to provide customers with the best service they can provide. I quickly learned to have a backbone, and to stand up for myself, but also the necessity of rules and regulations in a thriving business.

Then lastly, The Wellbeing Farm. I do a variety of work there; from waiting on and serving on the bar, to blogging and marketing in the office three days a week. And despite it being tough being on your feet for 14 hours, it’s a very rewarding job. It’s also lovely to work with people of a similar age.

When I’m in the office, I really really really enjoy what I do. Writing is the career I’m pursuing, whether it means I’m a journalist, blogger, author, etc. I just love it.


Part and parcel of the job is being exposed to lots of wedding-related things. I’m following wedding-based Instagram accounts on a daily basis for writing inspiration, and featuring excellent suppliers and local businesses in my blog posts for the Farm. I’ve also got my head in countless wedding magazines, and constantly seem to be obsessed with flowers and bouquets, and just anything pretty. So as much as it can be repetitive at times because it’s always about Weddings, it’s varied enough to always put a new spin on it.

The Wellbeing Farm itself is a quirky wedding venue, with oodles of charm and a really rustic feel.

It’s a really great place to work when your mind is always actively creative, as it is inspiring; dynamic yet calm.

With only a couple of weeks left at the Farm, I am making the most of every day there. I’m really enjoying getting stuck into how to market a business like a Wedding Venue, and love hearing that the listings I’ve written on third-party websites are getting us noticed. It’s exciting and heart-warming.

I’m really honoured to have had the summer job I never knew I wanted, with friendly people and working at a place that has a real impact on the future lives of couples.

It’s not long now till I’m off to France, so be prepared for all of my Frenchie posts…because trust me, they’re already lining up and I’m not even out there yet!!!



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