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It feels like SO long since I got a post out to you guys, but the reasons why will all begin to unfold…

Saturday saw me travel from west to east to visit my beautiful best friend Alice.

Having not seen her for two months, I was desperate to go visit her, the girl who is practically my my second sister.

After a hectic journey with both the train line and the metro line being closed, I made it to Manchester Piccadilly, and successfully caught the train I really thought I was going to miss. Changing at Huddersfield, my excitement grew and grew as we passed through the Yorkshire Dales, and up through Leeds and York.

When I finally arrived at Darlington, and Alice appeared at the other end of the platform, we of course did a cute lil run together. I mean, we did end up falling over and knocking my case flat on the floor.

From the station, Alice drove me back to hers. I’ve even missed her lil car, Tiff, is that sad?

After we dropped off my stuff and had a few more hugs, we took Penny out for a walk in the glorious Darlington sunshine. It really is the little things that make your friendship the best.

When we got in it was tea time and I whipped us up falafel and salad, since we were being super healthy before our first night out together in three months!


And what a night out it was. Alice never fails to brighten up my days, but there’s nothing better than dancing around with your best friend.

As always, we were each other’s personal photographers for the night, as we sipped our classic bottle of Pinot Grigio Rosé and waited for the taxi.

First stop was Stead’s, where I met Hannah, Alice’s lovely friend from home.

A pitcher each later, we were both a bit worse for wear, but the walk in the fresh air did us a whole world of good.

I’m not going to delve into the rest of the night too much, as I’ve so much more to share with you about our weekend together…


How on earth we were up at 9am after getting in at 5:30am, I have no idea. I’m still baffled. By 10:15, we were on our way to Richmond.

Despite being ridiculously hungover, Richmond was SO worth the trip.

Our first stop was for food, as we were in desperate need of a hearty brunch. We found a lovely little café/bistro and headed in. Onion rings, chips, and sandwiches later, we were absolutely stuffed but feeling so much better.

From the bistro, we headed round the corner where we found a hall with a vintage market on.

One of those for all things shabby chic and vintage, we went in, and found THE cutest stall. Thanks to Alice for my lovely little green elephant, he’ll have pride of place in my new room in France.

I also discovered a gorgeous copper wire ring, handmade, with red jade stones – it was simply stunning, but had that edgy thing I go for with all my jewellery.

After our little discovery, Alice took me down to the river. On our walk downhill we hilariously tried to get candid photos, which never works when there’s people around – embarrassing. When I think of it now, it was so good to just laugh all the way with my best friend. Moments to treasure forever.

On the way back up the hill, we got the giggles. I genuinely nearly choked on giggles, that’d be one way to go. I totally don’t regret beating Alice up the hill with my hungover almost-going-to-vomit run. We did genuinely consider getting a taxi…*face palm*.

Once back on level land (although Richmond is practically one big slope with offshoots to lots of other big slopes), Alice showed me round The York House, a gorgeous eclectic shop with lots of bespoke gifts and trinkets. I just LOVE those kinds of shops.

We also picked up two chocolate orange cupcakes from a gorgeous cupcake shop, and then headed in the direction of the car.

However, just as we made it to the car, we discovered a gorgeous little chocolate shop on the corner where I picked up a little box of treats for my parents. It took me forever to choose what to get them; exotic for dad, white chocolate and almond for mum. It’s a good job I know them well!

We were back home by half one, back in pjs with X Factor on, and Alice treated me to the best selection of treats I’ve ever seen in my life.

That’s all for part one, part two is coming soon!


Anna x

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