faith :: church hop pt.2

So after a packed morning at Kings, Sophie dropped a beautiful bombshell…

We’re having roast dinner at mine.

Oh yes. I hadn’t had a roast dinner in SO long so I was so excited. And it was so good, and lovely to meet Sophie’s parents too, who are equally as bubbly and hilarious as Sophie.

And, it was homemade plum crumble for dessert !!! – with plums picked from their garden. Love.

Before the roast, I acquired a new cushion for my new room (which, however, won’t be getting re-done for at least a year lol) but hey ho, everyone loves a new cushion!

Thanks to my personal photographer Sophie, who understands what I’m like. #bloggermoment.

So, after photos, food, making up a song and playing the didgeridoo – which I’ve surprised myself at cos I was decent for a first-timer – we headed off to church number two…


I’ve been wanting to see what Audacious, or should I spell it !Audacious, is like for a good couple of years now, and honestly, I loved it as soon as I stepped through the doors. I was surprised at just how much it felt like home.

Singing ‘Waiting Here For You’ and ‘Here As In Heaven’ during worship sparked my soul and really prepared me for some more home truths (as if I needed some more after Pastor Derek’s message).

Pastor Josh Cocker spoke on Philippians 3:12 (MSG), entitling it: Hunger Pursues.

From the onset I related to Ps. Josh’s words…and the question:

Are you too full for God?

You see, when we are full we are no longer hungry. It’s a simple analogy to apply to your walk in Christ.

Hunger is the fuel of our pursuit of Him. If we are full, we are not hungry therefore, we don’t pursue him.

Pastor Josh emphasised that our relationship with God is a two-way relationship. He loved us so we love Him. He reached out for us, so we must reach out for Him.

The goal of our pursuit is Jesus, so we must keep ourselves hungry for Him so that we have room for Him to fill our lives.

We should seek Him first before seeking earthly things etc. And we have to be all in. You can’t turn back on your walk with God, not if you really want it.

Trust in the uphill battle because hunger will push you up that hill.

Hunger activates faith; it activates passion; it activates desperation. Hunger causes something to happen.

We need to delete some things; let go of some things. When we’ve done that, our hunger is renewed and God has the room to stir the pot again.

Have a fabulous Thursday!



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