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As the Autumn has practically descended, don a jacket of school proportions. Yes, that’s me referring to the wardrobe staple: the blazer.
Nothing is more polished and “smart” than a blazer, yet still screams that you have style. Think Coco Chanel and how she turned the menswear’s key piece into the wardrobe necessity of a woman too.

We all know that a jacket can make or break an outfit. Yes, you may take the jacket off at some point. But, it’s that that you’re going to be strutting about in. With a blazer, it’s best to choose one that’s flattering for your body. The latest “trend” is of course important, but if it doesn’t suit your body shape, you might as well not bother.

As a short and plump girl (might as well be frank), the length of any item is ALWAYS a problem. And as much as I wish the industry would rectify this, I have accepeted that it’s just the way it’s going to be. I’m yet to find a blazer that really suits me, if I ever will. Plus, that lovely student budget means no more clothes for me. I’m actually looking forward to reworking the wardrobe I already have. Anyway, that’s for another post to come!

Today and the way we view “style”, you can wear a blazer with almost anything. There are no rules; the limits are endless. I love how you can be all cutesy in a dress and a blazer, and then with trainers or converse you can add comfortable elegance. Like I said, the limits are endless

Scrolling through my phone, I’ve found countless screenshots from over 6 months ago featuring blazers as the key ingredient in the outfit mix. 

This below is my favourite look. It’s something I know I’d never be able to achieve (as I do not have those pins), but I love the way she has layered her pieces. The blazer pictured is suitably masculine, and perfectly worn-down with the blue-wash mom jeans. It’s a grungy yet neat look, and the simplicity of the colour palette is to die for. 

ASOS have such a great selection (literally hundreds) of blazers suitable for any season or occasion. You can find them easily here

I would always advise with any piece to think ahead to how you will wear it, i.e. what you’re going to work it with. Then you’re not at risk of spending any dollar on something completely out of your style zone. With a blazer, I’d choose one that transcends all four seasons, or at least Autumn, Winter and Spring – cos it should be too warm in Summer for a blazer, right?! 

Let me know how you style your blazer this season by sharing it with me on social media! And I’ll let you know if I ever find my perfect blazer. 



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