life :: blessing upon blessing

Often, if not always, I’m baffled by my position in life.

I don’t always have it easy, and at the moment downright evil forces are working against me, but I’m shielding myself as I mentioned in my last post, and am armed and ready for battle.

One thing I never do is give in. The other thing is I never give up.

A person I’m close to said something I value so much after my last post:

Let love guide you not fear.

How true?

The Corinthians verse on love comes to mind. Love never fails. God never gives up on us and neither does love. It is love that trumps hate and love that cancels out fear.

So with that in mind, go forth.

I wake up and go to bed in the same state: thanking God for what he has blessed me with. Thanking rather than counting them.

But for the purpose of this post I’ve counted the main ones that come to mind:

I’m lucky to have a close and tightly-knit family to draw strength and love from; the best friends a girl could ask for (special shout out to Kate and Alice for everything recently); people special to share time with; enough financial stability for a student; two jobs, and one is even my own business; good health with no medical conditions at all; good grades; an amazing top 10 university to attend; a great education from 2-19 years of age; and the most wonderful, abundant faith.

Stride forward with your blessings, whether you believe they’re God-given or just the way your life is.


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