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Have you ever thought about how your decisions induce certain consequences? Like how you deserve what you get if you do something you’re not supposed to, or you’re usually rewarded if you’ve done something well. 

We don’t always me to provoke a certain outcome, it can happen innocently and without intention. But we are left with the consequences dealt out on the table in front of us. 
Yet what remains? “You are entirely up to you” said a fellow blogger. And she couldn’t be more on it with that. The way we’ve been instructed to be is false, all to build a society founded upon simulation. We are hiding behind masks everyday, too afraid to show ourselves. Living in fear of each other.
I make the stand daily, and through these blog posts, to not be one of those people. To be open and frank, instead of concealed and withdrawn. 
When we hide ourselves, and our true personality, we open ourselves up to exploitation.
We should learn to take advantage of the opportunities in our reach, and grasp them with both hands. We can only do this when open.
Being open also gives us the advantage of meeting new people. And it allows us to experience new things, and expand our heart. So fall in love with your life and yourself, give everything you’ve got.
To bring in my faith here, I’m listening to a podcast by Kings Church from last year when Ray Bevan, a Welsh preacher visited. It’s called ‘Growing Through Storms’. I’m feeling a storm brewing at the moment, and I am prepping my soul for battle with the words of God as my armour.
Through acts of faith, they toppled kingdoms, made justice work, took the promise for themselves. – Hebrews 11:33 (MSG)
Go beyond the shaking, allow the breakthrough. Invincible. Invisible. Incorruptible. Take hold of what you need to be equipped for this day and age, says Lisa Bevere. Your fearfulness is fine, but keep strong, and build your armery.
 There is always more than you have ever seen. So trust the preparation process. Because, we are designed for a purpose.
It’s easy to lose sight of your faith, and I struggle sometimes. But keep faith in your heart, yet open it up.
Let’s be real for a second, I do all the following mentioned in this article:
The truth is, I swear. I gossip. I question His purpose and plan for my life. Sometimes I drink too much, or pray and wonder if He’s even listening. Sometimes I go weeks without opening my Bible, or get lazy and sleep in on a Sunday instead of going to church. Sometimes I talk the talk, rather than really living in His light. Sometimes I make my needs the center of everything, and forget to come to Him until there’s something I want.
Distract. Diminish. Divide. Destroy. That is what the enemy does. And keeping yourself shielded from these weapons is difficult, but only God (if that’s what you believe) can get you through. 
We can also find strength in each other. Draw out strength from those around you who are there to support you. Lift each other up. Build each other up. 

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