life :: 30

Inspired by Glamour’s “12 things that seem like a good idea at the time”, I’m comprising 30 of those things. 

I thought this would be something a bit more entertaining, especially for me as writing this is a welcomed break from learning the whole International Phonetic Alphabet Yes, you read that right. 

So here goes…

1. “Updating social media when you’re drunk. You’ll hate yourself for that missing apostrophe in the morning.” Glamour. 

2. Any communication with the ex that messed you about. Just don’t. 

3. “Saving all your Snapchat Stories (and messages) and running out of storage quicker than you can say ‘cannot take photo’.” Glamour. 

4. That extra slice of pizza. 

5. That extra shot or Jaegerbomb. You know as soon as it hits the back of your throat that you’re one step closer to spending a night over the toilet. 

6. Any form of intense exercise when you’re already tired. Time of the month? Just don’t even bother to put that gym kit on. 

7. Leaving any kind of work, but especially coursework, to the last minute. 

8. “Going on holiday with your family. Buff said.” Glamour. 

9. Choosing Netflix over life. Although it’s fab at the time, when the season or entire show is over and you’ve got to face reality and looming deadlines, life becomes less enjoyable. 

10. A plate of chips. You are what you eat. She says, going downstairs to make curly fries n mayo. I will so be eating them in bed. 

11. Spending all of your pay-day balance. In one hour. I have done this. I don’t recommend it. 

12. Jumpsuits or playsuits on a night out. Or on a date. NOT A GOOD IDEA MAN. 

13. Spending 20€ on an ankle bracelet abroad, only for it to break 5 minutes later. 

14. Taking NightNurse before a night out. Pre-alcohol. 

15. Drunk messaging your boss. Just don’t. 

16. Drunk messaging ANYONE, forget just your boss, or your ex. 

17. Buying 3 pizzas for £10 after a night out. 

18. Not eating before a night out. Bad idea. 

19. Not moisturising your face. Ever. And a week later not being able to move your face or speak for fear that your skin will crack open. 

20. Listening to other people about YOUR relationship. 

21. Not listening to your heart. Or your gut.  

22. Not taking the plunge when you have the opportunity. 

23. Cheap, unsupportive underwear. Not good for your body ok girls. 

24. Putting hope in a person, rather than yourself or your faith. 

25. Not listening to your mother’s advice. Textbook you guys. 

26. Not tidying your bedroom. 

27. Go on a date with someone just for free food. If you don’t care for the person, don’t get their feelings and hopes up. 

28. It’s practically number 1 but, posting pictures on social media when drunk. 

29. Sending the guy you used to fancy in HIGH SCHOOL a snapchat while pissed. Guess it was my own fault that he asked if I still fancy him. Lol. My finest hour. 

30. Last but not least. Buying a whole bottle of prosecco to yourself. Or for you and one other friend. 
Oh the joys of professionalism. 



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