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So, today I have decided to begin learning how to become a fashion stylist. 

I hope you will support me on this journey, perhaps I’ll be of service to you one day!

I started by today watching Amber Renae’s Ultimate Fashion Stylist Insider webinar online. It has really helped me learn the general basics of styling, and the 6 different areas of styling. 

I have also spent hours pinning (on Pinterest) tips to get into styling, as well as styling tricks to apply to my own wardrobe, as well as suggest to future clients. Saying clients just excites me. Eeeeek. New passion is here. 

So, I wanted to share what I learned from Renae’s webinar with you…namely, the 6 types of styling.


So this first type of styling is perhaps the main one; involving shooting for magazine, features, covers and advertising campaigns. It is where the stylist puts together a look for a model. 

Renae highlighted that this type of styling can be easy to get started in but it requires a lot of unpaid hours, all to get your. And out there. 

She suggests making a database (perhaps Microsoft Excel would be best for this) of stylists and their details by simply flicking through magazine features. Then you can contact them one-by-one and ask if you can be an unpaid assistant on their next shoot. 

Renae also said that it’s key that while on the shoot if you land one, you need to make friends with all the other assistants who are present. You never know, you may be able to work alongside them in the future, and perhaps even build a team to shoot with. 


This is your usual billboard campaigns, catalogues, magazine shoots, adverts, TV adverts, car commercials etc. etc. 


Renae suggests checking out as many of your local runways as possible. 

At small shows, she says you should confidently introduce yourself to the stylist back stage, if you get the chance of course! Give him/get your card and try to get theirs. 

But at larger runway shows, add the details of the stylist or creative director to your database and contact them about the show. And then, ask to be their unpaid assistant on a shoot!


Styling for TV, Radio; working in costume departments. 

Renae says this is usually well paid but not superbly glamourous; and you have to remember you’re often styling an actor/actress as a character rather than themselves. 

This type of styling however is great for getting internships or assistant jobs in. 


Now for the fun one: personal styling. This comprises image consulting, personal shopping and wardrobe styling. 

You need absolutely no prior contacts or networks for this type of styling, and you can make a start by styling those around you, i.e. your friends and family. 

It’s very rewarding but you have to have two things in particular:

  • Thorough understanding of body shapes and skin tones
  • Knowledge on how to conduct a personal shopping consultation and wardrobe audit

Try making over 3-5 friends and upload them to your website!


This is the quickest way to build a solid reputation and is most beneficial to build your brand, and client base. It is also the biggest way into all other areas of styling. 

It will make you look professional, trustworthy and credible. 

Build on the foundations of personal styling, but you MUST know how to conduct a celebrating fitting. 

So yes. I’m wanting to develop an aspect of my blog and brand, and become a personal stylist. 

If you’d be interested in having a consultation with me, comment below or message me on Facebook (Anna Mather). 

I am looking for 3-5 girls for a FREE styling session and mini (unprofessional) photoshoot. All photos will go on my blog and social media, I’m just trying my hand at styling for now. 



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