life :: you

Honestly. Please. 

Do you. Do things for you. Make time for you. Love you. Enjoy you. Explore you. Grow you. 

You’re one of a kind. No one is like you, no one has the same DNA. 

You were made in God’s image no matter whether you’re a man or a woman. 

Your soul shines brightly and the more you pursue life with passion, grabbing it with both hands and holding on to it with all your might, the more blessings you will reveal. 

God bestowed so much on our path; joy in abundance, hope in abundance; an expectant future. 

It seems to be this time of night when my words flow freely, and the added slow worship songs only aid any deep feelings. Oceans by Hillsong United in particular. 

Tonight I had blessing upon blessing, as I discovered two placements to apply for in the morning. They are both super suited to my personality, abilities and future career plans. God is moving, God is working. 

So, as I lay here under the stars at 1am on Saturday morning, I want to pray for all of you reading. 

I pray that you are lead down your path graciously. That you feel supported and guided. Allow God to take you deeper than you ever expected. Rest and revel in his presence. Walk upon those waters. 


Ask yourself two important questions. 

What or who controls your heart?

What or who controls your brain?

God doesn’t control us, He merely guides us. But allow the word of God to steer you like a vehicle on autopilot, serving him effortlessly in all that you do. 


If you allow chaos to rule over your life, you’ve given in. Don’t allow yourself to be killed off by a powerful force of nature that is a product of too much work, too much stress, too much worldly pleasures. 

Do not let the storm wither your heart. 

You are strong and courageous.

Speak Heavenly words over your life. They aid in your fulfilment of God’s promise, and will remind you of you future, rather than highlighting the mistakes of your past. 

And remember, you are in the world, not of it. We are mortal and our lives will end, but we arise to Heaven. 

Find your love in Jesus’ name. 

Grow your spirit. 



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